The Meridian

Model: #meridian-insert

Brand: Enviro


  • Large arched bay door
  • Remote control compatible
  • Large heat exchanger
  • Optional log set
  • Zero-clearance compatible
  • Tri-mode enabled thermostat
  • 160 cfm variable speed fan
  • Door and louver trim options (Painted Metallic Black Standard, Pewter)


Fuel Type Pellet
BTU Max Input 45,000 BTU
Heating Area 2,000 ft
Efficiency 75.8%
Glass Size 185 in
EPA Emissions 1.1 g/hr
Hopper Capacity 55 lbs
Convection Fan 160 CFM
Min Install Dimensions (H x W x D) 22 3/4" x 22" x 15"

Clearance to Combustibles

Center of unit to side wall 20"
Bottom of unit to bottom of 12" mantle 29 1/2"
Bottom to max. 3/4" combustible facing 8"
Side of unit to side facing 8"
Door to edge of floor protection 6"
Side of unit to side of floor protection 6"

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