X Series Lid

Available Sizes:
- 19"
- 24"
- 30"

The X Series Fire Pit Lid features four 'locking tabs' on the outer edge to help keep your lid in place when not using your fire pit. Although not fully waterproof, this lid helps to keep the majority of snow and rain out of your fire pit.

Please Note: We do not recommend using the lid to snuff the fire.

Due to the design of the patent-pending X Airflow™ system, the fire will continue to draw oxygen even after the lid is applied and the lid may be damaged by excessive heat.

Also if the lid is applied while the fire is still burning it may cause the pit to fill with smoke, which can result in creosote building up and potentially dripping onto whatever surface the pit is setting on.

We recommend only using the lid to cover the pit while not in use. It can be applied if your fire has died down to the point where there is nothing but hot ashes left over.

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