The Caddy series furnaces features advanced wood combustion, thus easily reaching up to a 30% reduction in fuel wood used. EPA certified or CSA B415.1-10 tested wood furnaces are 80% to 90% efficient, compared with 40% to 60% for conventional units. With the Caddy series furnaces you will never again be dependent on a single source of energy to guarantee the comfort and safety of your family. Depending on the model, you can add an electric element, an oil unit or use it as a wood add-on to an existing furnace. All of the Caddy series furnaces are controlled by a wall thermostat that gives you the exact comfort level you want for your home and all the protection you need from winter's icy blasts! Whether or not you are present, your home will be comfortable without interruption. Even if you live in an area where moisture may be high, you can still install a PSG furnace. The 3/16" thick steel outer walls are protected with a special rust inhibitor, giving the furnace long lasting durability.